Luxury New Winter Treatments

New Winter Treatments

As the winter season approaches so does the onset of environmental changes to our skin’s condition which can lead to a whole range of uncomfortable issues. Icy cold winds and subzero temperatures strip vital lipids from the skin resulting in dryness, flakiness and a lackluster dull appearance. The inside environment has little moisture in the air as we crank up the central heating which can leave skin feeling tight and with more fine lines. These temperature fluctuations can lead to sensitivity as we move from freezing cold outside to warm and toasty inside leading to impairment of the skins natural barrier function.  The lips are particularly prone to dryness at this time of year, with flaking and chapping leaving them sore and sensitive.

Winter Rescue Facial – details here

YuleTide De Stress Treatment – details here

What is the difference between, High Leg, Hollywood and a Brazilian Wax?



So, lets talk about bikini waxing.

My oh my, its changed a lot since I first started out in the 80’s. Then, it was anything that popped out of your pants ( and pants were pants then too!). Then Jane Fonda Workouts hit the scene. I can still remember how mortified we were as young 20 year olds when someone asked if we would “go in a bit”….I mean, would you dare!

If only we knew then what we know now. Roll on 30 years and “The Bikini Wax” has a section of its own on the price list. But whats it all about, there seems to be confusion on what they all are. So, let me try to explain what those styles are and what you can expect during your treatment.

Remember, every salon has their own definition of names so please do check with your therapist first.

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Standard Bikini Wax

A great way to start for a waxing newbie. This is where all the course hair from the crease of the leg downwards is removed. If there is any hair on the inner thighs, this will also be removed.

High Leg Bikini Wax

This is where the pants would be brought inwards from the crease of the leg and hair can also be removed from the top of the pubic triangle. Ideal for anyone who has high cut underwear or swimwear. Great for a clean up or a more defined triangle on the pubic bone.

Brazilian Wax

This is where a small triangle is left on the pubic bone, tapering down over the outer labia. All other surrounding hair is removed, including the bottom. I have also seen this called a G-StringWax.

Hollywood Wax

This is where all the hair is removed.

What happens during a bikini wax

Now you have chosen how you would like your lady garden to look. Make sure you choose a reputable salon where the therapist is experienced and hygiene standards are high.

I often cringe when I have my waxing done that the therapist does not give me a consultation. A full consultation should be given to asses if you are suitable for the treatment. For example, some medications for acne can thin the skin and could cause the skin to tear or if you have had a recent operations or laser resurfacing etc.

Its totally natural to feel embarrassed but dont forget, your therapist does this for a living. She will not notice if you have nanna knickers on or a sexy thong, or if your toe nails are painted or not!

You may be offered a pair of disposable pants to wear or be given a courtesy towel to lay over you so that you dont feel as exposed. On the second treatment you will probably feel comfortable enough not to bother! If you have a pair of pants that are a similar shape to what you want, take them with you and a clean pair of plain cotton pants for afterwards.

Firstly, your therapist should wash their hands or wear gloves. She will then cleanse the area that is to be treated followed by a powder or a pre-wax oil. I prefer to use a light jasmine oil as it aids the effectiveness of the wax and conditions the skin.

Hot wax should always be used for bikini waxing. Hot wax shrink wraps around the coarse hair and does not adhere to the skin as strip wax does. The skin will be stretched with one hand of the therapist and then the wax will be applied in small strips with a wooden disposable spatula. Your therapist should use a clean spatula every time she takes wax from the pot so that she does not contaminate the pot…..very important ! Sometimes not all the hair comes out first time. If you have shaved for a long time the hair can be very brittle and snap or the hair may be growing in different directions. If a large area of hair remains, the therapist may choose to go over again with another section of wax or choose to tweeze the odd random hairs.

Once the hair has been removed a post wax oil or cream will be applied to soften and soothe the skin. The treatment


usually takes approximately 30 minutes depending on hair growth.

It is very important that you take note of the after care advice that you are given.

Tah dahhh, your bikini wax is complete. You can now relax and forget about hairgrowth for 4-6 weeks. If you have regular Bikini waxing , you will notice that the hair becomes finer after 4 or 5 treatments and will grow back slower over time.

Hopefully I have made it all a bit clearer and you can go and choose the style of your lady garden with confidence.






Men’s Grooming and Skincare Facial

Men's Grooming

Men’s grooming is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst most of my clients are ladies I do have a growing number of men enquiring about treatments such as skincare facials and relaxing massage.

A new male client has started visiting me once a month for a facial. He’s kindly written up a review of his experience of the treatment which I thought I would share with you. It’s partly to show the process (I did have to remind him of some of the steps of the process!). It is also to highlight the benefits to men who may not typically consider skincare or relaxation as part of a regular routine. Thanks for the review!

I’d never had a skincare facial before. To be honest, I didn’t really know what was involved. I’d met Gill through networking and she’d mentioned her treatments at the Lilyann Beauty Room. I liked the sound of the facial – mainly because it was a way of taking a short amount of time out of the day to relax. I don’t know who the normal client is for this kind of treatment – but I will say I am ‘bloke in my mid 40s’ and not someone who spends much time (any time!) in front of the mirror.

Anyway, I booked an appointment with Gill and visited her beauty room on the top floor of Acklam Hall. The room itself is a very welcoming and comfortable. The lights are turned down low, candles burning and generally a calming and relaxing feel to the place. Gill is very friendly and easy to get on with which is great. It would be easy to feel a bit awkward in this situation (for me anyway as someone who isn’t exactly a regular for beauty treatments).

The treatment starts with you lying down on the massage table and being wrapped in a pre-warmed blanket. This was very nice to start making you feel pampered and relaxed straight away. Gill started with a general cleansing using lemongrass and aloe vera (she told me so I am repeating it to you now!). The lemongrass feels great on your skin and is cleansing. The aloe vera I gather is used to soothe the skin afterwards. The treatment also involves some exfoliation with peach kernal granules to deal with dead skin cells. A rosehip and avocado oil is also using the provide nutrients for the skin. Hot towels are then wrapped round your face which, again, is a really nice warming feeling.

All of this definitely makes your skin feel better. However, the best part of the treatment is the gentle facial and neck massage. Whilst all of the parts of the treatment are going on you are really just relaxing which is great. I gather the massage ensures the oil is fully absorbed into the skin but it’s just a pleasant experience and you just drift off into a relaxed state. The final stage of the treatment uses a sandalwood balm to seal in the moisture.

After a brief pause following the treatment you’re allowed to get up ready to face the world again with your newly freshened skin.

How does it feel afterwards? Great to be honest. Certainly relaxed and your skin definitely looks fresher and brighter. It was just a nice way to take an hour or so out of your day/week/month and to spend a little time on yourself. I can see the appeal and it’s clear why so many women enjoy these kind of treatments. They are great for men too! I’ve booked a regular monthly treatment now. I won’t necessarily end up looking like Brad Pitt or Jonny Depp but it certainly makes me feel good – which is worthwhile in itself. Thanks Gill for the treatment – 100% recommended!”


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Natural Christmas Gift Ideas for Women and Men

I am always looking for special gift ideas, it doesn’t matter if it is a small token gift or a substantial gift.

When that gift is opened I want the person to be delighted and curious as to what it is and know that thought has gone into choosing the right gift for them.

We all love to open nice smellies and skincare products at Christmas. I am sure we have all seen someone open those box sets of mass produced big brand names, only to see it put to one side with no reaction at all!

So why not surprise someone this Christmas with a 100% natural product from a professional range. I have put together some ideas for you but you can also make up your own set of skincare or body-care products. Call me if you would like me to help you create your own personalized gift set.

 A Small but Wonderful Christmas Gift. ?     £13.80

Why not give a 100 % organic plant wax candle in a glass tumbler. Not only will they burn for 40 hours but they also double up as a luxurious moisturizer or massage cream. Gently scoop out a little wax as it burns to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils.
Lovely to burn by the bath and then apply to warm skin or to give a massage to that special person in your life❤️.

1. Relax & Self Indulgent – Geranium, Sweet Orange Lavender and Ylang Ylang
2. Wild Fig and Grape
3. Sensual and Exotic – Orange, Patchouli,Ylang Ylang and Lime
4. Frankincense

A Fabulous Gift Set for Men.  ?    £37.00

A lot of guys that I speak to say they use whatever is in the bathroom, usually their partners products!  This gift set is suitable for all skin types, a blend of natural essential oils to repair without stinging. Beautifully softens and hydrates the skin while Sandalwood soothes and calms, a useful element post shaving!

All full size products.                           

Daily Face Wash
Exfoliating Face Scrub
Hydrating Face Balm                           
Smooth Shave Oil
Moisturizing Shave Foam or Gel
Toilet bag
Wash mitt

Skincare Collection Kits    £21.00

A fabulous way to try out professional and natural, complementing products.

Each skincare collection kit containing a 50 ml cleanser, toner, moisturizer, plus a 15 ml refining eye gel. There are 4 variations to choose from:

Ultra Soothing – Dry/irritated skin, eczma, rosacea skin types

Soothing – normal to dry skin types

Balancing – Combination skin types

Purifying – Oily skin types needing sebum control

 New Anti Ageing Perfect Partners Gift Sets

A perfect gift for someone who likes to take care of their skin. Perfect Partners has combined two products to help guard against the signs of ageing. Please call me if you would like me to help you choose the right gift.

Anti Ageing Protection £24.50                                                                                                                                        Age Resist Day Cream 

Age Resist Night Cream

Refine & Brighten £31.50

Active Complex Anti Ageing & Refining Exfoliant 

C+ Brightening & Pigment Reducing Moisturizer/Primer SPF 15

Firm & Revive 34.50

Time Line Intensive Serum

New Anti Oxident Masque

(All products are full 50 ml size)

A Gift Voucher     

A Gift Voucher is a fabulous Christmas Gift. Imagine the look on their face when they realize they have a treatment to look forward to after the festivities. Choose from a luxurious massage or a prescriptive facial, a full list of treatments can be found on the website.

To order your gifts call Gillian 07508 933225


All Gifts will be Gift Wrapped and Collected from Acklam Hall.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with lots of joy and laughter



What is a Chemical or Enzyme Facial Peel?


Are you considering having a chemical or enzyme peel?

Do you know what they are?

I can imagine how confusing it must be for many of you trying to work your way round the crazy skincare jungle! So many products and treatments to choose from and the constantly changing jargon is confusing to say the least. Q10, peptides, retinol….…aghhh!

You may recognize some of these titles “The Red Carpet Facial,” the latest fashion title for a facial peel, a brightening, illuminating or resurfacing facial. Many celebrities are renowned to use these treatments prior to an appearance hence the fashionable title!

These facials have been named so due to the instant results and the healthy glow it immediately gives to the skin. It does this by peeling the top layer of dead skin cells off in varying degrees, to reveal a smooth glowing skin from beneath.

You have probably conjured up the classic image from sex and the city when Samantha had her facial peel!

Marie Claire Publication

 Chemical or Enzyme Peel?

There are two main categories of peels and I believe they both have their place in skincare and rejuvenation. An enzyme peel differs from a chemical peel in that it removes only dead skin cells without harming any living tissue with no soreness and no downtime.  A chemical peel is a much harsher and deeper treatment that is in effect wounding your skin to stimulate cell renewal and removes far more layers of your skin. You will need intensive moisturizers to protect your skin whilst the old skin peels away over the next couple of days to a week. Chemical peels are ideal for severe skin conditions and problematic skin and preferably administered by the medical profession in my opinion. Unfortunately, therapists with little qualifications and experience are licensed to administer these potentially harmful substances.

The skins natural renewal process takes approximately 4 weeks. The new cells at the bottom layer will have reached the top but could take up to 2 weeks to be sloughed off. This renewal process becomes sluggish as we age, giving the appearance of lifeless and dull skin.You are probably familiar with the term exfoliation. The skin is made up of many layers, the upper layer mostly being dead skin cells containing keratin protein.


The natural enzymes that I prefer to use in an Illuminating facial are powerful natural fruit enzymes derived from processing fruit.  The actual concentration of the fruit acid determines how strong the product is. They illuminate the skin by gently dissolving away the surface of the skin by breaking down the keratin protein by causing a reaction in your skin that actually mimics the skin’s natural exfoliation process. The outermost layers of dull skin are lifted and the skin renewal process is accelerated, revealing glowing, more youthful skin beneath. This in turn creates the perfect pH balance for your skin and leaves the surface of your skin ready to absorb active ingredients  such as Vitamin C to treat specific problems such as; dryness, pigmentation, acne etc.

Who can benefit from an enzyme peel?

A single facial would give the skin an instant glow and is ideal for brides to be or before an important event. To treat specific problems, a course of 3 fortnightly treatments working with the skins natural renewal process is usually advised and then re- assessed accordingly. There is no downtime and recovery process to a natural enzyme peel. I would recommend an enzyme facial peel for

  • deep exfoliation
  • anti-ageing
  • acne and oil control
  • dry lack lustre skin

A professional enzyme peel to remove the superficial dead skin cells is more than adequate for the vast majority of clients. In my opinion, many people are having harsher chemical peels that are removing too much of the skins surface unnecessarily. This leaves the skin unnaturally unprotected and open to damage if the correct aftercare is not carefully carried out.

 Instead of going with the trend, stop and think for a moment “Do I really have a skin condition that requires more than the top layers of my skin to be totally removed with chemicals, or do I need a natural enzyme peel that in effect is mimicking the skins natural process?”


Gillian Demirdoven

Lilyann Beauty at Acklam Hall



A full list of available treatments can be found on my website

Illuminating Facial   £38

A course of 4 treatments £138


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