Ladies Massage Middlesbrough

Massage  Treatments

A professional massage can alleviate back pain, tighten atrophied muscles……and be the most wonderfully relaxing experience of your week!

All body treatments are carried out in a beautiful, relaxing room lit by candlelight. You will be draped with towels at all times whilst soft relaxing music plays and I work on individual areas of the body.

Personalized Body Massage £55

A calming and relaxing treatment which will be tailored to your specific needs after a consultation.

Both deep and superficial tissues are manipulated to promote blood circulation, relieve muscular tension and promotes lymphatic drainage leaving you feeling wonderfully relaxed.

Half Hour Massage £32

Maybe you would you like to concentrate on one area? Choose from a relaxing neck, shoulder and face massage to relieve built up tension or a full lower back, legs and feet, a great way to relieve muscle tension in the lower legs before and after sports training. The choice is yours!

Pregnancy Massage £55

Regular massage treatments after the first trimester help relieve the discomforts experienced at this special time and promote a happy, healthy pregnancy. Massage will also lesson sciatic pain and swelling, eliminate toxins and provide oxygen and nutrients to the mother and baby whilst reducing stress on weight bearing joints. The stimulation of happy endorphins will help to promote sleep and stress reduction.

De Stress 3 in 1 Treatment £45

We have such hectic lifestyles and not always the time for a full relaxing body massage. Trying to combine work, family, social life, shopping…. Sometimes you need to take time out to de-stress and re-balance with a relaxing 3 in 1 treatment. 

Imagine laying on a pre warmed bed and the tension being released in the neck, back and shoulders with an aromatic blend of essential oils. Warmed Coconut oil is then tricked and massaged  onto the scalp to nourish, condition and release built up tension.

The treatment  is completed by a relaxing deep foot massage to soothe tired, aching feet. A Little bit of everything.

Indulge and add a luxurious back massage to any facial for £20