Skincare Middlesbrough


I provide skin care, facials and other natural beauty treatments in a professional salon environment at my home in Linthorpe Middlesbrough.

In my experience, I have found that most people use too many products and more importantly, the wrong ones!

I use professional skin care lines that are free from parabens and ingredients such as artificial colors or fragrances as well as other known irritants which can sensitize the skin (Alcohols, formaldehyde, petrochemicals). Highly effective results can be achieved by using products that contain potent active ingredients that can work deeper than the upper layer of skin. As a therapist I can offer professional home care advice to ensure you get the right product for the right reason to benefit and maintain a regime appropriate to your skin care needs. As we change our skin changes too, so choosing and using the correct products is vital to maintaining great skin and achieve great results. Each facial is unique and tailored specifically for you.

Do you know what’s in your skincare products?

Please call me if you would like to chat about your skincare or if you would like to book in for a free consultation. At your first appointment you will be given a full consultation. You will be asked questions about your medical history, medications and lifestyle. This is your opportunity to express your main concerns about your skin. Together we will decide which facial will give you optimum results and a course of treatments and home care if necessary.

All facials include a massage of the neck, shoulders and face to release tension and improve absorption of powerful targeted serums. A complementary hand and arm massage is also included.

Micro Ultra Sonic Therapy Skincare

Micro Therapy is a gentle non-invasive treatment using professional only use formulations that are safe for all skin types. The sound waves penetrate the skin, but they do not cause any discomfort, adverse side effects or down time.

A thorough consultation prior to your facial will determine which facial will give you the optimum results for a brighter glowing skin.

The powerfully targeted serums, intensive exfoliants and specialty masques are customized for the individual to achieve enhanced results to resurface the skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

Intense Hydration Facial £52

Skin dehydration affects all skin types and occurs when the water content is lost from the cells of the outermost layer of the skin. Moisture infused hydrators and hyaluronic acid serum soften and plump the skin reducing fine lines and restoring a youthful glow. An ideal treatment for parched skin and pre/post holiday skin.

Illuminating Facial £52

Illuminate and brighten dull, lackluster, pigmented skin with The Illuminating Facial. Professional resurfacing smooths and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and specialty masques. A great treatment prior to a special event due to its immediate results or as a course of treatment for hyper-pigmentation.

Anti-Ageing Facial 25+ £52

Created for clients in their younger years concerned with intrinsic and extrinsic skin ageing. Potent antioxidants defend and protect against environmental aggressors whilst stimulating fresh new healthy tissue. Refines and resurfaces prematurely ageing skin to reveal a smooth, soft complexion.

Anti-Ageing Facial 50+ £52

Created for mature clients concerned with advanced signs of ageing such as loss of elasticity and loose skin texture. Professional resurfacing smoothes and refines the skin surface, while expertly blended age defying formulations and speciality masques tonify the skins surface leaving skin smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

Clear and Clarify Facial £52

A Deep cleansing facial re-balancing the skin by removing impurities and excess sebum. Sea Salt re-mineralizes the skin and provides trace elements of zinc and sulfur to absorb impurities and hydrate and strengthen tissue. In addition, Neroli essential oil provides antisceptic and anti- bacterial properties to soothe, heal and minimalise breakouts.

Eye Brightening Treatment £30

Refresh and revive the delicate eye area with this brightening eye treatment. Gentle exfoliation makes way for intensive ingredients to nourish and hydrate. Expert massage techniques disperse puffiness while a specialty eye masque firms and tones the skin.

* A Course of 4 weekly treatments £100

Organic Colloidal Oatmeal Facial £52

Cool and de-stress the skin with this anti-inflammatory treatment. Essential lipids repair the skins barrier, proteins reduce roughness and carbohydrates deeply hydrate the skin reducing irritation and redness. Ideal for all skin types particularly rosacea, sensitivity, severe dehydration, post chemical peels or inflamed acne.

Revitalizing Neck & Décolleté Treatment £45

An uplifting treatment infused with rose. This decadent treatment re-energises the face and revives the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté by boosting hydration, toning and nourishing. This often neglected area is prone to sun damage, crépiness and tells tale signs of premature ageing.

Indulge and add to your facial

Eye or Lip Treatment £65 and luxurious Back massage £70