Men’s Grooming and Skincare Facial

Men's Grooming

Men’s grooming is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst most of my clients are ladies I do have a growing number of men enquiring about treatments such as skincare facials and relaxing massage.

A new male client has started visiting me once a month for a facial. He’s kindly written up a review of his experience of the treatment which I thought I would share with you. It’s partly to show the process (I did have to remind him of some of the steps of the process!). It is also to highlight the benefits to men who may not typically consider skincare or relaxation as part of a regular routine. Thanks for the review!

I’d never had a skincare facial before. To be honest, I didn’t really know what was involved. I’d met Gill through networking and she’d mentioned her treatments at the Lilyann Beauty Room. I liked the sound of the facial – mainly because it was a way of taking a short amount of time out of the day to relax. I don’t know who the normal client is for this kind of treatment – but I will say I am ‘bloke in my mid 40s’ and not someone who spends much time (any time!) in front of the mirror.

Anyway, I booked an appointment with Gill and visited her beauty room on the top floor of Acklam Hall. The room itself is a very welcoming and comfortable. The lights are turned down low, candles burning and generally a calming and relaxing feel to the place. Gill is very friendly and easy to get on with which is great. It would be easy to feel a bit awkward in this situation (for me anyway as someone who isn’t exactly a regular for beauty treatments).

The treatment starts with you lying down on the massage table and being wrapped in a pre-warmed blanket. This was very nice to start making you feel pampered and relaxed straight away. Gill started with a general cleansing using lemongrass and aloe vera (she told me so I am repeating it to you now!). The lemongrass feels great on your skin and is cleansing. The aloe vera I gather is used to soothe the skin afterwards. The treatment also involves some exfoliation with peach kernal granules to deal with dead skin cells. A rosehip and avocado oil is also using the provide nutrients for the skin. Hot towels are then wrapped round your face which, again, is a really nice warming feeling.

All of this definitely makes your skin feel better. However, the best part of the treatment is the gentle facial and neck massage. Whilst all of the parts of the treatment are going on you are really just relaxing which is great. I gather the massage ensures the oil is fully absorbed into the skin but it’s just a pleasant experience and you just drift off into a relaxed state. The final stage of the treatment uses a sandalwood balm to seal in the moisture.

After a brief pause following the treatment you’re allowed to get up ready to face the world again with your newly freshened skin.

How does it feel afterwards? Great to be honest. Certainly relaxed and your skin definitely looks fresher and brighter. It was just a nice way to take an hour or so out of your day/week/month and to spend a little time on yourself. I can see the appeal and it’s clear why so many women enjoy these kind of treatments. They are great for men too! I’ve booked a regular monthly treatment now. I won’t necessarily end up looking like Brad Pitt or Jonny Depp but it certainly makes me feel good – which is worthwhile in itself. Thanks Gill for the treatment – 100% recommended!”


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