The importance of a regular facial

“We wear our face all day every day so it is worth investing in”

That is my little rant at the moment. You may have the latest shoes or handbag that you occasionally wear but you will only get one face in your lifetime…..and that you will wear all day every day. As a beauty therapist with 32 years experience I truly believe that “you” are the best thing you have to invest in. A facial is not a “treat” it is looking after the only face you are going to get!

Do you realize that 60% of what you use on your skin will end up being absorbed in your body and some harmful artificial ingredients will be stored there for months or even years? You will see many ingredients labelled as natural or “naturally derived” but they have undergone extensive chemical processing which alters the benefits to the skin (usually having no benefits left). I do a lot of research into the products that I use and the process that has taken place to produce them.

At Lilyann Beauty, I use natural, pure and beneficial products that have undergone minimal processing and that come from organic steam distilled oils and plants. It is good to think of the products we use on our skin as “skin food”.

I am going to sound like my mother but I believe that “Simple is always best”. If your products have a long list of ingredients, it usually means they have minute amounts of each in (just so they can write it on the label) and such tiny quantities are not going to work!

Why have a facial?

A single facial can give you instant benefits which will give the skin a healthier and brighter glow but, like most things, regular treatments and homecare is needed to improve the skins texture and elasticity and skin tone. Specific problems such as acne, hyper-pigmentation and dehydration usually need a course of treatments which needs to be tailored to each individual. There are so many products on the market and the advertising is so clever in convincing people it is what they need. But do you? I often find that clients use too many products and products that are definitely not suitable for their skin types, not to mention the expense. I always aim to keep the homecare routine simple but specifically targeted with active and potent ingredients suitable for your skins needs. Choosing and using the correct products in your homecare is vital to maintaining great skin and achieving great results.

Our skin changes with age, the seasons, stress and lifestyle so having your skin professionally evaluated on a regular basis will teach you to a lot about what is good for YOUR skin type.

I would recommend having a facial every 4-6 weeks as this is the time it takes for the skin renewal to take place. Our skin makes new cells in the deeper layers and pushes the dead skin cells towards the surface creating many layers. Sometimes the top layers of dead skin cells do not shed as quickly as we would like and this leaves the skin looking dull or dry. It also prevents the skin from absorbing the active ingredients that we are using to restore the skins balance, or to combat specific problems such as dehydration, ageing, acne and pigmentation.

Cleansing and exfoliation are a major part of a facial but the process for each individual can be very different. Professional strength exfoliation using natural peels and enzymes will smooth the skin and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Every facial includes a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. The tension in our neck and shoulders tend to build up and can cause us to tense the 43 muscles in our face, aiding the ageing process. The massage will also encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

I use a targeted serum during the massage as it can penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and will continue to penetrate whilst a mask treats the upper layers. ….as the mask is doing its work, I treat you to a complimentary relaxing foot or hand massage. The treatment is completed with a suitable moisturizer and your skin is left glowing and revitialized.

Why not book a free consultation to discuss your skins needs and to renew your skins radiance and youthfulness? A lovely relaxing facial is an investment in you and a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Gill x



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