6 Common Skincare Mistakes

Common Mistakes in Daily Skincare Routine

There are so many different types of skin, oily, combination, acne, rosacea…. to name but a few! But, no matter what your skin type/problems are, a regular skin care routine will keep your skin healthy and happy.

We are all unique and what will suit one person will not suit another. It is important to find the right products for you and a routine that will work in your lifestyle.

After a full consultation, I try to keep a recommended skin care routine as simple as possible with the minimum of products but with targeted products for that specific skin type to get maximum results.

We all know the basic skin care routine of cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize by now. You would be surprised how many people say to me they haven’t got the time to do it. Nonsense!

It really does take less than 5 minutes. If you need some motivation, try looking at it this way;

  • You wear your face 24/7 for a possible 80 years
  • You cannot change it, it’s the only one you are going to get!
  • Its what people look at and remember, not your shoes or your expensive handbag.
  • Most importantly, it is an investment in you

Now tell me it is worth 5 minutes a day…please.

Common Mistake No.1

The dreaded wet wipes! My clients know how much I hate them, both  for skin and the environment. A wet wipe will just drag the dirt and debris around your face, often pressing it further into your skin. The ingredients found in cleansers and makeup removers are designed to break down pollutants on the skin and the ingredients in your make up and then to be removed from the skin.

I come across common mistakes every day that are so easy to correct and can have an immediate result on your skin when corrected. These mistakes often dry out the skin when hydration is one of the key factors for a healthy skin. A dry skin can also lead to spots and breakouts as the drier it becomes, the skins natural defence barrier becomes impaired and the lack of moisture in any skin type will make your skin look dull and lifeless.

Read this blog if you would like to know more reasons not to use wet wipes and the difference between make up removers and cleansers

Mistake no 2

The skin on your face is finer and more delicate than that of your body. Washing your face with very hot water strips the skin of its natural moisture in the superficial layers.  People often say they like the feeling of it being “squeaky clean.” This is in fact the feeling of tightness due to the moisture being stripped out of the skin.

Remember, the drier a skin is the more prone it is to ageing!

Mistake no 3

I blame the media and marketing for this one. Marketing is so clever and convincing. It has you believing that you need lots of products that aren’t even right for you and it is so easy to jump onto what is being promoted at the time. So may people are using “peels” because it is fashionable. They can be amazing products for the right skin type but so detrimental to a lot of people’s skin.

It is better to get professional advice and have one product that will target your specific needs than having several products that often combat each other.

Another risk of using too may products and multi layering just prior to bed-time is that the skin can become congested if the products aren’t for your skin type. You may think you have blackheads and a congested skin to over oil production when in fact it could be caused by incorrect products that you are using.

Mistake No 4

How often should you exfoliate? Regular exfoliation is important if you want a clear, glowing skin. It removes the build of dead skin cells that can cause breakouts and dullness.

A lot of products on the market have very harsh granules in them. This combined unnecessary vigorous pressure can easily cause problems to the skin and its natural barrier.

Most people should gently exfoliate once or twice a week. For those with problematic skins, there are fine granule exfoliants and peel exfoliants that are more suitable to use. I use a natural product of bamboo and soya for normal skins and a fine micro-exfoliant of jojoba and licorice for those that suffer with sensitivity, eczema roasacea

Mistake No 5

Inadequate protection. Our skin has a daily loss of skin cells which in turn leaves our skin vulnerable to UV rays and pollution. Most of you already know about the damage sun rays can do, even in winter but pollution is probably a bigger ager to skin because it oxidises. A basic moisturizer holds water in the upper layers of the skin and can also offer protection and improve the overall appearance.

Which brings me to Mistake No 6

                   “I’ve Used It For Years!”

Not changing your products or routines for years.

Your skin changes with the seasons, stress, diet,age and the environment you are in. Therefore, your skin care routine and products should change with it.

If you are unsure about your skin care routine, most therapists offer a free consultation to determine your skin type and discuss how you could improve your homecare to get optimum results.

In order to give you personalized advice, you will be asked questions about your diet, lifestyle, stress and current homecare skin care routine.

I believe your skincare should be simple and I always aim for the minimum products that give the optimum results, specifically for your skin.


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