What is the difference between make-up remover and cleanser?

Do you need make up remover and a cleanser?

So, you have come home after a very long day and you are exhausted. All that you want to do is to snuggle into that nice cosy bed and fall fast asleep. Then, that little man in your head tells you to get up, you really shouldn’t go to bed with your make-up on …. Oh No!  Then the dilemma is…. Which one should you use, make up remover or cleanser, you want to get back into bed

Oh, I am sure we have all done it, sometimes just trying to get away with make-up remover or cleanser and hope for the best ?

But, the question is, do you really need to take your make up off AND wash your face? Is it all just a way to get you to buy more products? If you want to know why you should not use wet wipes, please read my blog…………


I am going to help you understand exactly what it is your products are doing.

How does your makeup remover work?

Make up removers come in all sorts of formulations and can be an oil, cream, foaming solution etc. Make-up removers are much kinder than they used to be and are often oil based, no longer containing alcohol which dries and dehydrates the skin.

It is essential that you get the right one for your skin type as the wrong product will not only dry the skin out but irritate more sensitive skins.

Make-up removers are very specifically formulated to break down the ingredients in your make-up to aid removal and not the sweat and debris that builds up on your skin naturally.

What does a cleanser do?

Cleansing is a vital part of your skin care routine. Even if you don’t wear make-up, your skin is collecting dirt and debris during the course of the day. Some environments or where you live/work will make your skin produce more sweat and sebum or expose you to more pollutants.

When cleansing the skin, the idea is to remove the dirt and sebum without disturbing the skins natural moisture barrier. Client often mistake a tight squeaky feeling after cleansing to be clean and fresh. What you are actually feeling is the aftermath of stripping your skin of moisture! If this is the case, you need to change your cleanser.

Could I just use my cleanser? If you wear make-up, the answer is no. You will not be cleansing your skin and the remains of your make-up and dead skin cells will be left on your skin.

What you would actually be doing is removing some of the make-up and smearing the rest around our face, alongside all the germs and bacteria it has picked up during the course of the day. It would be impossible for one cleanser to have enough ingredients in it to dissolve the layers of make up, (which seems to be getting more and more!) plus dead skin cells, sweat and sebum.

Clients often tell me they do not cleanse in the morning because they did it when they went to bed. Whilst you have your beauty sleep, your skin cells are turning over creating dead skin cell debris on the surface. So, a cleanse in the morning will remove this debris resulting in cleaner fresher skin to start the day or in preparation for you to apply your make-up.

So, reap the benefits, take off your make-up AND wash your face

My favourite make-up remover is from the Professional Natural Eve Taylor Range. A small amount is applied to wet hand or face and is gently massaged into the skin. You can repeatedly wet your hands and it will emulsify again without adding any more cleanser. The natural oils soften and nourish the skin as it cleanses deep down, quickly removing waterproof mascara.

Clear Cleanse  150 ml  £19.99

Description: A finely textured oil formulated to gently yet effectively cleanse all skin types. Peach kernel oil and Sunflower oil effortlessly dissolve makeup and sebum while Argan oil and Rice bran oil provide age-defying properties. Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Grapefruit essential oils provide a fresh, zesty, uplifting aroma while Calendula and Green tea extracts soothe and calm the skin.


The Eve Taylor Skin care range is sold worldwide from trained therapists who analyse the skin first and only prescribe products suitable for the skin type and its current condition. I find that most of my clients  have problems resulting in using the wrong products or they have misdiagnosed their skin type!

Pop in for a free consultation and start using the correct products to cleanse your skin using professional, natural and affordable products.

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