How to treat sun damaged skin, naturally.

 Solutions For Sun Exposure

What an amazing summer we have had this year. It has been glorious, we have felt record temperatures, basked in cloudless skies and been able to get out and about in the sunshine. Even when using SPF to protect against UVB and UVA damage, most of us will have gained a degree of tan, just from being out and about. Whilst our golden glow may create a healthy looking complexion during the Summer months, as the days draw shorter, the strength and the heat of the sun dissipates and Autumn beckons, so will our tans fade.

End of summer tanned skin can often give us an aged appearance, skin will usually be drier and dehydrated, the epidermis will be shedding as new skin cells grow. The dead skin cells will often linger and appear dull and lack lustre. The once healthy glow may become tired looking , fine lines appearing more obvious, signs of ageing becoming apparent. As the tan fades we may see signs of hyper pigmentation as a result of sun exposure.  This is the perfect time to seek a refreshing and renewing treatment.

The demand for brightening or illuminating facial treatments has risen dramatically in recent years as we become more and more aware of the damaging effects of Ultra Violet (UV).

What Does The Brightening Facial Do??

Professional resurfacing smoothes and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and speciality masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing.

Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone is created in the skin by the over activity of the melanocyte cells deep within the epidermis. There are many triggers to pigment production with UV light being one of the main stimulants to this process. The production of melanin is a complex chemical reaction and is part of the skin barrier defence system.  The enzyme tyrosinase plays a key role in this process and acts as a catalyst. Excessive UV exposure can cause malfunction of the melanocyte cell resulting in too much or uneven colour in the skin.

The Brightening facial is packed with tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients to stabilize melanocyte activity while potent illuminators create a bright, luminous re-energized complexion and help in the process of brightening and fading uneven skin tone. In this treatment we use a powerful exfoliant.

Another key product in this treatment is a best selling moisturizer that creates bright luminous skin.  C+Bright Priming Moisturiser. A 4 in 1 action: moisturize – Brighten – Protect – Prime. A fabulous product to illuminate and prime the skin prior to make up application.

Formulated with broad spectrum SPF15 protection to defend against damaging UV and skin brighteners to illuminate pigmentation and give a more even complexion. The luxury texture nourishes and primes, creating an excellent base for make-up and can be used by all skin types and conditions.

If any of the following apply to you, you should not have any type of home or professional exfoliation processes to your skin as your skin will already be considerably thinned.  In this case, the treatment can still be carried out but the exfoliation process must be omitted.

Use of Roaccutane/Isotretinion  (acne prescribed medication)                                                                                                                Use of medically prescribed topical exfoliating products.                                                                                                                  Recent microdermabrasion or chemical peel within the last 7 days.                                                                                                      Use of topical Vitamin A skin care products.

The Illuminating Facial is designed to give immediate results and is an ideal treatment prior to special occasion or a big event……sometimes called The Red Carpet Facial! However when treating hyper-pigmentation I would recommend that a 3 month treatment plan is devised. To achieve maximum results, weekly or fortnightly treatments consecutively for 6 weeks followed by a reassessment is advised.

Remember, always always use sun protection on your face




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