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Revitalizing Face Neck and Décolleté Treatment

Revitalizing  Face Neck & Décolleté Treatment

It’s usually now that we notice our facial skin has become dehydrated, lack lustre and in need of some TLC. We may not have been cleansing and exfoliating as thoroughly as required leading to a dull, sluggish complexion in need of replenishment and invigoration.

The neck area may have dull patchy areas, a loss of elasticity and a crêpe appearance.  During the summer months, we may have not efficiently exfoliated our neck area, leaving traces of Summer suntan with the remnants now presenting as areas of patchy dull skin.

With temperatures dropping through winter we layer up with woolly jumpers, coats and scarves that may all sit snugly against our necks. The heating goes on, we may notch up the dial on our shower and bathe in high temperature water which leads to our skin becoming dehydrated and parched. We may not think to still be using sunscreen and we may not be applying moisturiser to the front, sides and back of our necks. 

The skin on our neck is relatively thin compared to the rest of the body making it more susceptible to the friction from scarves and jumper necklines, itchy areas and sometimes breakouts can all occur. Add in winter dehydration and the natural signs of ageing and the neck area can quickly look older than its natural years.

Thorough cleansing is key to maintain your neck and décolleté. Many of you probably cleanse your face but often fail to be as thorough cleansing the sides and back of the neck which can experience build-up of dead skin leading to a dull lifeless appearance.

Remember, facial skin doesn’t stop at the jawline!

So, moisturiser should be liberally applied to the front, sides and back of neck as well as down onto décolleté which are all an extension of facial skin and should be maintained in the same way.

The neck and décolleté areas are renowned for showing first signs of ageing before other parts of the body due to the fact that they are often exposed to Ultra Violet light which accelerate extrinsic/environmental ageing. The consistent use of SPF is vital to protect against these potentially damaging UV rays which can lead to crêpeness and hyperpigmentation

All skins that need rejuvenating will benefit from this treatment but particularly those of you with a crepey appearance or lack of firmness to the neck and décolleté area.

The Revitalizing Face Neck and Decollete treatment

This treatment boasts a true aromatherapy experience with its inclusion of amazing essential oils and hydrolats offering benefits to both the skin and the senses. We focus on the key essential oils and hydrolat used in this treatment and their amazing benefits:

Rose Hydrolat is used consistently throughout the Revitalising Spring Treatment due to its amazing ability to add and retain moisture in the skin.  Rose is rejuvenating and ideal for devitalised skin, calming and toning inflammation whilst offering intensive hydration for dry, sensitive, mature and ageing skin types.

Rose is one of the oldest and best known of all florals.

Rosewood Oil, also known as Bois De Rose is an essential oil extracted from the Rosewood Tree, a giant evergreen native to Brazil.  The aroma of Rosewood is floral, warm, spicy, fruity and woody. The enlivening aroma is spiritually uplifting  but also known for its antidepressant benefits.

In skincare Rosewood has a high Alpha Pinene content, it is very rejuvenating, stimulates cells and offers benefits which aid in tissue regeneration making it ideal for mature skin. Rosewood acts as a skin shield- supporting the growth of new cells, helping dull flaky skin conditions. It guards skin with its antibacterial effects. Toning, anti ageing, skin elasticity improving, it helps to soften scar tissue and is balancing for dry, combination and oily skin.

Galbanum Essential Oil is also a key ingredient in this treatment. The grade of Galbanum used is sourced and native to the mountain ranges of Iran and is part the Ferula plant species. The properties of Galbanum are of benefit to respiratory, rheumatic, digestive and nervous tension conditions. For skincare Galbanum is beneficial for dry, mature, inflamed skin. Galbanum is known for its properties to improve scarring. It quickens new cell and tissue development whilst revitalising the skin. Galbanum is high in monoterpenes which are able to reprogram at a cellular level. It rejuvenates the skin and promotes a youthful appearance. Galbanum tones sagging skin, softens wrinkles and offers anti-ageing benefits helping to keep the skin smooth, glowing and radiant.

For optimum results, three treatments at 2 week intervals is recommended.



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